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Barnett on September 26 at In the plus column: In the minus column: Hundreds of miles of new pavement, including a massive expansion of I and a larger bridge that will take out acres of the Arboretum and destroy much of Marsh Island. The measure has split the Seattle-area environmental community. Today, one more environmental group, the Cascade Bicycle Club, announced it was joining the anti-roads and transit camp. In a letter to members, Cascade director Chuck Ayers wrote:.

Fortunately light rail enjoys strong public support, and the legislature has empowered Sound Transit to propose an independent package to the voters should RTID fail in November. Cascade Bicycle Club will hold the Washington State Legislature accountable to its promise to offer voters a new chance to vote on ST2 in Many, including the TCC, believe that prediction is optimistic. However, if the roads and transit package failed, pressure from groups like the Cascade Bicycle Club could make a re-vote on Sound Transit in a self-fulfilling prophecy.

More environmentalists with guts! Where are they coming from? Usually in Seattle they just compromise themselves right off the map. While there may be legitimate reasons to oppose RTID, I do have one question that it seems the Sierra Club and others have yet to answer. If growth projections are to be believed, the cars are coming regardless of how we vote. How are we going to address this as a region?

Light rail, bike lanes, congestion pricing, etc. And I can't see how several hundred thousand additional cars idling on crumbling highways is a binary option managed account capital grow @35 weekly ! benefit to our air and water quality.

Hold your nose and vote yes for more transportation options, even if the deal isn't perfect. I can't believe you binary option managed account capital grow @35 weekly !

them as objective when they are funded by the agency seeking the tax increase. How does congestion pricing not solve this? It's worked everywhere it's been used. Look at the plan Ron Sims' commissioned:. And remember, RTID emphasizes expansion, not safety and maintenance. Cascade Bicycle Club important? The rest will fall like dominoes, now! We better bite down on our cyanide pills before the Ferret Fanciers Club issues their decision!

OMG, Patty Murray voted 'yea' on this. Really a disappointing surprise. Cantwell had some spine and voted 'nea'. And the House of Representatives, evidently eager to show that they are as spineless and easily cowered as the Senate, voted to condemn MoveOn for the Gen. They have done a phenomenal job and done everything that we have asked of them. Unfortunately the President and his Republican allies in Congress have continued to order General Petraeus and the rest of our troops to continue fighting.

What we need is a plan to bring our troops home. I voted against this resolution today because I believe it is the job of the Congress to bring our troops home, not legislate free speech.

Not only will the Sound Transit proposal be scaled back forbut a year's worth of inflation will reduce what can be done with the money collected. We'll also be competing even more with China and India for materials like steel and cement, raising the cost of the projects still further. There are also environmental consequences. During that year while ST2 is on hold, the number of cars on the road will keep increasing, congestion will keep binary option managed account capital grow @35 weekly !

worse, and that congestion will be releasing countless tons of CO2 into the atmosphere. If the intent ultimately is to wean people off the internal combustion engine, then why does any bill purporting to be a transit package include any stipulations to make automobile travel easier and more pleasant?

I don't see the connection. If the intent is to appease environmentalist with a few inconvenient trains and a bike path or two while actually wanting to satiate motorists, then call the bill what it is and name the new 16 lane road created by it The Tri-County Gas 'n' Grease Parkway. It's been proven time and time again, you know. Building more roads, wider roads, only brings more cars and whatever benefit there may be will be very short-lived.

Eight lanes of bumper-to-bumper traffic soon becomes binary option managed account capital grow @35 weekly ! lanes of bumper-to-bumper traffic which in turn becomes 16 lanes of bumper-to-bumper traffic. All I'm saying is this: Can we make a decision please? Are we going to devote ourselves to public transportation or private transportation? And stop all the Bushisms - calling projects the opposite of what they are e. The Sierra Club leadership believe real, high-end, grade-separated mass transit is too ritzy for the residents of Pierce and Snohomish counties.

So what can be their alternative? The Sound Transit website lists years as the lag time between funding and construction of light rail lines. It's going to be a while no matter what before they start buying materials. But more importantly, what's the point of approving transit if it's part of a net-negative package?

We can't even afford to repair the binary option managed account capital grow @35 weekly ! we have and RTID would have us expand the network. Greg, it's really worth having a serious discussion of what happens if this bill fails. If you look back through history at what happens when hard compromises between bitter political foes fall apart, it doesn't look too pretty. Hey, if someone can share an example of how such a failure to compromise worked out pretty well sooner rather than later, I'd be happy to hear it.

It's really hard for me to imagine that, if this bill goes down to defeat, Sound Transit 2 is going to re-emerge in I'm inclined to think the next step will be the dreaded governance reform, or the legislators in Olympia will figure, "Hey, my job is safer if I just do nothing.

They are not opposing this measure because they believe Sound Transit will come back in They're saying Sound Transit will come back in because they're opposing this measure. Then it's an additional until completion.

I still advocate funding it solomind you, but if we're going to be forward-thinking in regards to transit investments, we need to think about the long-term consequences of new highways too.

Doesn't the bridge have to be replaced anyway? And can't that replacement help transit with the addition of HOV lanes? Basing a no vote on the plan is a little short-sighted. Figuring out the feedback effects on demand for cars -- and therefore the net impact on global warming of this package, makes my head hurt.

Maybe it's a net plus, maybe not. But I do know that getting light rail as fast as possible will dramatically improve the quality of life in this region in every dimension except binary option managed account capital grow @35 weekly ! sales tax itself. Hell, I'm not wild about RTID, but the road expansion may benefit people that are going to have to wait 50 years for rail -- like those commuting on I don't know for sure, but I know those people are more likely to vote for something that does something for them in the foreseeable future.

I know everyone wants to keep on saying "no new roads! The bridge is going to be rebuilt. Vast sums of cash will be dedicated to these projects eventually. There is far too much at stake economically for it not to happen. The question is whether or not the ST package will happen. People seem to be awfully sure that ST2 will magically reappear on its own in I wouldn't be quite so sure.

I'll take the Sierra Club and the Cascade Bicycle Club- accountable only to their members- over this self-interested group any day. The legislature has made no such promise to allow Sound Transit to the ballot alone in And when you look at the importance of a binary option managed account capital grow @35 weekly !

election to end eight years of Republican rule in the White House, a governor's race we won last time by votes, and the strong desire by Speaker Chopp to continue to win Democratic legislative seats in the suburban crescent--it appears there is good reason to believe that there will be no big tax vote in The legislature controls the terms under which Sound Transit operates.

They came close to disbanding ST and forming a mega-transportation commission last year in the session. There is every reason to believe that Olympia would look at a ballot loss on Roads and Transit as a sign that a new approach would be needed. State government doesn't do transit. So, you need to examine whether their reading of the political tea leaves in this state is accurate.

The Sierra Club barely has a presence in Olympia or outside of Seattle. I believe that causes them to believe that Seattle is the state. That is the type of thinking that led us all to believe John Kerry was a lock in Some enviros think a bridge the same size as the current one, but binary option managed account capital grow @35 weekly ! two HOV lanes, would be a better option.

Don't you think we should maintain what we have first before building more stuff? Would you remodel your bathroom when your roof is leaking? RTID's not a maintenance bill. It's an expansion bill at a time when we don't have enough money to fix what we have. Take a look at the project list: Check your facts before hurling accusations of Seattle-centrism.

Wrong again--if it is true that the bulk of Sierra Club membership is outside Seattle, than prove it.

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