10 Ways to Win in Fantasy Football and Options Trading

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The very best of PFF. Our full access pass elevates your fantasy football trading strategy IQ to genius level. The latest football news, analysis, and rankings from PFF. Ask them about themselves. Fantasy football trading is a lot like a first date. You can also screw things up in an instant. Lowballing someone for their best player is as effective as the yawn-arm-around-the-shoulder move.

Offering an injured player is a big piece of spinach in your teeth. Try any of these moves, and your trade talks and hopes for a second date are over. Let me be your wingman, your Cyrano de Bergerac of fantasy trade negotiation. Like good dating advice, these action steps will create long-lasting relationships that you will benefit from for years to come.

Having those foundations in place will expedite future negotiations. When both managers benefit from a trade, you still get a leg up on everyone else in the league. If you want to read more about my trade strategy philosophies, be sure to check out the four-part series that I wrote last offseason.

It covers some of the topics in this article in greater depth and includes many more tips for mastering the art of the fantasy football trade. I want to give a shout-out to Keith Fortier for inspiring the idea that fantasy trading is like a first fantasy football trading strategy. May your trade acceptances be frequent and your fantasy football trading strategy dates be plentiful.

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The very best of PFF. Our full access pass elevates your football IQ to genius level. The latest football news, analysis, and rankings from PFF. My 4-year-old son often snatches toys away from my 2-year-old daughter. He usually picks up the nearest toys he can find, shoves them into her hands, and swipes the toy he wants from her.

Unfortunately, many fantasy football managers trade like my 4-year-old. Identifying Scenario 1 is pretty easy and usually leads to straightforward trade negotiations. Unfortunately, most trades are tied to Scenario 2, which is more complicated to uncover. Fortunately, even reserved managers will drop hints about what they need.

The key to discovering important value differences is listening. Instead of focusing solely on your players and needs, ask them how you can help them improve their team. Every trade should either improve your starting lineup, add depth without impacting your starting lineup, or both. Instead, with every offer you make, focus on building trust. The other managers need to believe that you have their best interests in mind.

Make your trade reputation your top priority, and the trade acceptances will start flowing. Some of my earliest trade negotiations involved collecting baseball cards as a kid.

Some of my friends were terrible traders, and they were constantly angry with each other because of it. It was usually due to trade regret, mean negotiations, or poorly defined terms involving more than just swapping cards. My buddy, Chuck, had a bunch of Ken Griffey Jr. My other friend, Patrick, had a Thomas rookie card and loved Griffey Jr.

They had the perfect fit, right? They refused to trade with each other. Aside from Bo Jackson, Thomas was my favorite player. I told Patrick over the phone that I had two Griffey Jr. He was interested but knew I already had a Thomas rookie card. I convinced him that my Auburn-fandom-inspired Frank Thomas love knew no bounds and that I wanted two of them. He agreed to the deal. Later that night, Chuck desperately traded me the two Griffey Jr.

I just had to listen to what he wanted and what he was willing to give up. He divulged that information because in that moment he trusted me more than Patrick. The next day, I flipped the Griffey Jr. I expanded my precious Bo Jackson collection for brokering the deal, and landed one of my favorite Jackson cards from the original Classic board game. Steve Jobs used to describe a company brand as a bank account. Most brands go bankrupt.

Think of your fantasy football trading reputation in the same way. Just think bigger picture than one deal. What you offer and how you make those offers will carry more weight.

People give out information about how they value players in a variety of ways. Learn something from every trade offer, even the terrible ones. Use that knowledge to counter, or file it away for a few weeks until you have a better fit. The best time to do this is after Week 3. Without them, your first impression may be your last. My Fantasy Leagues You currently have no fantasy leagues.

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