Penalty on minimum savings account balance to go; HDFC agrees

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A way to deal with your money better and one of India's leading blogs on personal finance. Thanks for visiting Capital Advisor. I frequently hdfc bank saving account charges this blog to cover various topics on personal finance such as investment strategiesfinancial products hdfc bank saving account charges you should buy and ones that hdfc bank saving account charges really should stay away from, financial calculatorsemerging themes such as early retirement and financial independenceand much more.

You can Subscribe through Hdfc bank saving account charges and receive new articles directly in your Inbox hdfc bank saving account charges you can Subscribe through the RSS Feed and receive new articles in your feed reader. The Demat and Trading accounts were hdfc bank saving account charges for a grand total of two transactions. The Savings account saw a token amount being deposited, then saw the two transactions, and then saw a zero balance.

To date, I have no idea why I opened this account. I closed the Trading account by handing over a simple letter at the base branch. Any balance leftover in the account after closure will be returned via. Uncredited interest amount, if any, will be accounted for in this reimbursement. Tip Tuesdays is my initiative to share hdfc bank saving account charges personal finance tips — every Tuesday.

Drop a comment to submit your tip. And, as always, do spread the word if you find this useful. Thanks for reading this article. I'd love to hear your opinion. Please use the comments section below to share your thoughts. I frequently write new articles that also cover several other aspects of personal finance including credit cardsfinancial goalshealth insuranceincome taxlife insurancemutual fundsretirement planningand much more.

No scissors this time? Your hands should have made it to the picture instead. May be you can start evening classes on closing bank accounts.

Log in to Reply. And btw, we trust you completely. No, I am not complaining — pictures are always welcome, adds colour to your blog. Just letting you know. There have been no accurate Desk Top Sorters available on the globs which can been fitted inbuilt on the ATMs for Back office uses of filling and refilling notes for maintaining stock of notes in the ATM machine for ensuring continuity of withdrawal service to the public without issuing Fake Indian Currency Notes.

Most of the Banks have hired private agencies for refilling genuine notes to ensure no fake note being issued from ATM. The reasons of issuance of fake notes from the ATM probably could be the involvement of human elements either from within the Banks or from the outside agencies. Bankers should invariably refer to http: Good Info on closing account.

Can you advise how hdfc bank saving account charges I close those from US? I am currently in Bangalore. I would like to know if I can close my bank account at Jharsuguda by visiting any of the branches in the city or do I have to visit the base branch to file the closure.

I want to close the above metion account number. Guys this is just a blog post. You cant close your accounts from here. Goto the bank branch and place a request there or call up Customer Care. You might get help there. I used to wonder how phishing mails work. Now i understand how. People are very ignorant about where to place what information. But my question is what if you had a big amount in your account just before closing it. So that amount earns a good amount of interest.

I furnisehd signed account closure FORM with the concerned branch and agreed to charging of requisite charges for its closure. How much time it would take, please advice.

Once I shifted my job, I naively emptied the account to zero balance and left hdfc bank saving account charges. When I registered for online access I noticed that it was hdfc bank saving account charges linked to my old Savings account and the account had a negative balance of about Rs On contacting the bank, they said that since the PAN number was the same, it was my account.

Luckily on requesting them they wrote off the amount and closed the account after I gave a letter in writing for the same. The moral of the story is that it is always better to get the account closed rather than just emptying its contents and assuming that it will get closed on its own.

Hdfc bank saving account charges share the views of other account holderws of hdfc it is simply unimaginalby as to how rbi allows pprivate banks to fleeced gthe custgomers like an hything in the name of service charges public. But for everything they need me to come to their branch, even third party transfers.

I have had a Citibank account for over 5 years now and have never had to go to their branch. Even to close HDFC account, i need to go to their branch, my scanned signatures along with my ID copy does not work for them.

Its a complete mess. Even if the account holder does not go to bank to deposit money, transction charges will be levied. Its not possible for the account holders to go to bank always. I lost thousands as transction charges which were made at mother branch. Its not banking but business with the money of customers. I inform all hdfc custormers to close down their accounts which is safe and good.

Ho0w much do they charge on closing the saving account. Will they charge all the previous AQB charges. I heard that we have to pay Rs. Any advise would be appreciable. Respected Sir Please confirm me of Account closing procedure. I have no time and money to travel to Pune just to close account.

But the Bank would certainly try its best to put obstacles in your hdfc bank saving account charges. I suggest that you demand to talk to the local Branch Manager to sort things out. I had a salary account in hdfc. Now I left the job and checked with hdfc. They asked me to maintain Rs. Hence I decided to close my debit and credit card as they are penalising every month without my notice.

My old salary account with HDFC changed itself to saving account couple of years back. I assumed that unused accounts would auto close.

My question is will this effect my credit score as I would like to be eligible for taking loans in the future. How much would HDFC charge me for not using the account for an year. Whenever draw cash from ATM receive transaction Message, but these buggers are not intimate email, message account holders to Maintain AMB and without informing hdfc bank saving account charges holders deducting charges, its totally looting Customer money.

I need to close my saving bank account with HDFC as i am not satisfy with the service as well as customer care support. You must log in to post a comment. Home Published Subscribe Capital Advisor A way to deal with your money better and one of India's leading blogs on personal finance.

Hdfc bank saving account charges missed including the scissors. And these accounts are a burden of the past S. Its been a long time vinaya. No posts from you? I am also planning to do same, any idea what to do with Credit Card Log in to Reply. Regards, Biswaranjan Dash Log in to Reply.

Meenakshi Log in to Reply. Great man just to see tore pages of this sick bank… it is one of the sickest bank in india along with ICICI simply hate this bank hope it goes down soon Log in to Reply. I am on the process of closing my account… RK Log in to Reply. Dear Sir, close the account no. Thanks for sharing this useful info. I could not agree more with you. Thanks for Share this information.

Anil great work Keep it up Log in to Reply. I share the views of other account holderws of hdfc it is simply unimaginalby as to how rbi allows pprivate banks to fleeced gthe custgomers like an hything in the name of service charges public Log in to Reply. Kindly delete all hdfc bank saving account charges bank account no info posts, will be gr8 help hdfc bank saving account charges these people. Thanks Log in to Reply. Hi Vinaya, Hdfc bank saving account charges one question, Can I close my account from a branch other than from where I have opened it.

Should do the trick. Dear all, I had a salary account in hdfc.

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