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Apart from beauty, more and more of my videos are becoming about my home life and interior and general life topics as I grow up and start having to make lots of decisions. I get a lot of questions about growing up and all the things that come with it, like jobs, relationships, money and buying houses. As some of you might know I have moved house this week with my sister Holly and it feels great to finally be in.

And I also wanted to talk libri sul trading binario what I hope will happen in the next chapter of my life! Family is a huge part of my life, and I know that over the next few years I would love to settle down and start thinking about having a family. I would love to find a dream home for us all to live in, hopefully near my sister and her family, libri sul trading binario maybe a holiday home where we can go each year.

Travelling is such a big part of my life and I hope I can do that in years to come and take my family too. I really hope it helps some of you in the way it helped me. So now for the next chapter of my life, my new home. Already it feels so much more like a home than where we are before. A lot of you guys reached out to me saying you were in the same situation.

A house has to feel like a home and I think we have finally found it. Leave me a comment with any interior ideas or your hopes for the future!

The Aviva Shape my Future tool uses simple inputs to libri sul trading binario a basic idea of retirement income. Details of assumptions are available at Aviva. I find the medium mousse works really well for my skin colour, and lasts so well as a base tan to get me through the week. I decided to wear a skirt at LFW so I needed a little extra help for my legs and here is a hero product that I tell all my friends and family about. You can actually get a free sample of this with every purchase of the Vita Liberata pHenomenal Tan until the end of September.

I loved LFW this year, the emphasis on simplicity and the gorgeous materials that were used. All you need to do is comment your favourite item of makeup below and follow Vita Liberata on Instagram vitaliberata Love Becky x.

I uploaded a period hacks video over on my channel and I never imagined the response to be so positive!! So many of you contacted me to share your tips too and also food to eat which included food to eat to get us through that time of the month!

I get quite bad PMS premenstrual syndromeand three out of four of us will get this so I feel like we need all the help we can get! Cleanmarine for women, is a krill oil based supplement and naturally rich in omegas. Obviously I only have my own experience to go by, but Cleanmarine have spent a lot of time working with women to put this to the test.

They are so easy to make and are much better for you but they taste just like chocolate. Also, pick foods that are high in iron and antioxidants like spinach, nuts and quinoa. It makes me feel so much less bloated than what I would usually have. Giving into cravings makes me feel so much worse! Fizzy drinks will just bloat you so avoid those. Most importantly, open up about PMS and periods.

I was so nervous about doing my video but I am so glad I did. I libri sul trading binario so much better now and know so much more because once I spoke out about it so many people have talked to me about things that help them. We always try to come away for New Year just to take a bit of time out in the mountains and spend quality time together chatting round a log fire.

Jemma has the most amazing blog called Sensitive Shell which you can read here. Go and say hi! The main thing I struggle with is lips, so I bring three! The first, my Kiehls Lip Balm 1 which is really good at protecting lips against the cold and wind.

Then I bring my Nuxe Reve de miel which is a really intense thick lip mask which I use libri sul trading binario night to repair my lips.

I love Clarins because their products are filled with plant extracts and this leaves your lips really soft but is super shiny and smells really sweet.

It smells of mint which I love and I use this as a toner. Oh my goodness, this has made my skin look so much smoother and I am noticing such a difference in the way my skin looks. The overnight facial is next libri sul trading binario my list to try!

My cleanser libri sul trading binario my go-to yearly favourite Aurelia miracle cleanser which has won loads of awards and not surprisingly. First of all the smell is absolutely gorgeous. I loved their drops of youth range but I think this is going to be popular for people looking for an everyday moisturiser that is great for combination libri sul trading binario but also gives you a slight blurring effect. Used with the Sarah Chapman serum, this looks incredible.

This is a really good overnight facial. I loved the day version of this, but this is a more intense version and really helps to firm and hydrate my skin with the conditioning butters. The snap is the same head but a smaller handle and comes with a really handy case that means your razor is well protected.

This is so good at getting rid of blemishes and spots that I have. It really gently gets rid of dead skin cells and helps to shrink pores as well as getting rid of any excess oil which I really struggle with. I love the mountain water because my hair always feel so soft. My current favourite is the Alberto Balsam clear and fresh which has a green tea and citrus libri sul trading binario.

So it gets all the ticks from me. This is my third bottle! You can put this on when your libri sul trading binario is wet or dry and it really helps damaged hair to smooth the ends and keep it looking shiny and healthy all day long.

My affordable hair hero. And no burn at the end of the day which is always a huge test for me of sun screens! My headphones are from Claires and I just fell in love with the design. The sound is pretty good considering how affordable they are too. My diary is from Paperchase. It was a present and I just love the glitter on it. Life is so precious, make the most of every moment. So as libri sul trading binario as it is, for me is going to be all about letting go and moving forward.

Blot on the Spot is an instant oil-blotting stick libri sul trading binario claims to keep shine away for 6 hours. I love the idea of this but am always skeptical of products like this so I was keeping libri sul trading binario crossed for this one.

The application is really easy and I love the point on the product which makes it really easy to get down libri sul trading binario side of the nose and under eyes which is where I always get shine! You just slide it across your face and then I libri sul trading binario. It actually made my skin libri sul trading binario smoother but you just need to get used libri sul trading binario the waxy feel.

In terms of shine, it instantly mattified my skin and kept it looking smooth for about 4 hours. One of the first things I do apart from changing my makeup, is to switch things up skincare wise. I wrote a post last year all about why I love the range, and now there is a new launch that I wanted to talk about. The Polyphenol C15 range is designed to protect the skin from free radicals that we face everyday and to treat and help prevent wrinkles.

First of all I want to talk about the overnight detox oil which I was already using last year as part of my skincare routine. For me this is the hero product of the range, I apply it before I go to bed and leave it to work its magic. All the products have anti-oxidant grape seed in and this one has carrot oil and lavender which make it smell amazing.

Next up are the moisturisers. The new cream is lovely too, same smell as the rest of the range but this is slightly richer. On days when my skin is libri sul trading binario in places or sometimes overnight as a mask I use this. It really helps smooth things over a little. My mum is a big fan of the eye and lip libri sul trading binario as it really makes a difference for her with tightening the skin.

All you need to do libri sul trading binario go on twitter and follow caudalieUK and talkbeckytalk and tweet us using WinSkincare. Do the same on Instagram following caudalie and talkbeckytalk and leave a comment using WinSkincare under one of their pictures. Also, you can make your own fun film over on the Caudalie website here which I did too. My entire collection of Spring skincare products will be over on my channel tomorrow here.

Have you tried any of the Caudalie range? Make way for a new skincare favourite, how have I only just found out about this range? I was in Liberty in London a few weeks ago having afternoon tea and bumped into a lovely girl who watches libri sul trading binario YouTube channel. I love it when I can have a good chat about all things makeup and she recommended a brand that they sell in store there called Aurelia. The packaging of this range started to win me over as soon as I saw it.

My hero product of the range has to be the Miracle Cleanser. The first thing that hits you is the smell. I am obsessed with Eucalyptus so to have it in a cleanser is just divine. You rub the cream cleanser onto dry skin and then it comes with a muslin cloth that you soak in warm water before melting all your makeup off. Well worth it in my opinion.

My skin felt so soft and hydrated after using it and my skin has really cleared up libri sul trading binario. Plus you can buy extra muslin cloths so you have a fresh one for each day of the week. Next up is the Refine and Polish Miracle Balm.

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