Forex Trading in the beautiful country of Singapore

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Trade at low commission rates and benefit from a suite of features designed to meet your trading needs. Seize opportunities in the U. Please note that interest rates are subject to the bank's periodic review and may change without prior notice.

The Thomson Reuters TR Stock Analytics is an analytics tool which provides a series of stock market insights and analysis to assist your investment decisions. Get the most updated stock ratings and target price proposed by TR professional analysts in our cutting-edge brokerage platform. Trade now to enjoy our US market brokerage commission at 0. Stock ratings by TR analysts which range from 1 Unfavourable to 5 Favourable for your understanding.

Allows you to customise your search and compare stock ratings, price performance, fundamental or relative valuation of selected stock against its peers. Click here for more information. Please complete our brokerage account opening from below and submit in person at any of our Branches.

Citibank Brokerage gives you the ability to trade anytime in the U. Moreover, you will be given access to market and company news to assist your investment decisions.

Dedicated to availing you with an extensive range of resources, we invite you to trade with Citibank Brokerage and start investing the smart way! Simply login to Citibank Online to trade securities listed on U. This service is available from Mondays to Fridays, 8. Call our Brokerage Officers to trade opening forex account singapore listed on U. For general brokerage enquiries, call our CitiPhone Hotline at 65 Trade and track your portfolio on the go!

Our Citibank Brokerage Hotline service provides you with a complementary channel to trade in addition to Citibank Online. You can call our Brokerage Officers at to place phone orders for U. The commission charges are applicable for phone orders. Full details of our fees and charges can be seen in our Charges tab.

Phone orders confirmed and executed cannot be modified or cancelled. Only good for the day orders are accepted for phone orders. Account s can only be opened for Singapore citizens, Singapore permanent residents, or employment pass holders, who are aged 21 years and above. Applicant opening forex account singapore not be an undischarged bankrupt nor have any delinquent records with any stock broking houses in Singapore.

To apply for Citibank Brokerage account or for assistance, kindly contact us via one of the following methods:. To apply for an account opening forex account singapore trade in a new market, please contact our CitiPhone Hotline at 65 for assistance. For your convenience, you can to download the business reply envelope to mail the W-8Ben form to us. No, you only need to submit once. If you would opening forex account singapore to apply for a new PIN. Opening forex account singapore will receive opening forex account singapore remaining cash balances.

However, if you close your account within the first 6 months, an administration fee of SGD50 is applicable. Currency withdrawn from the ATM will be in the currency of the domicile country subject to FX charges. You can also withdraw your funds opening forex account singapore the counter. To check your funds available for trading, simply login and refer opening forex account singapore your Account Summary.

Alternatively, you may click on "Brokerage Services" on the left navigation bar after you login, select "Account Information" on the top navigation. The amount stated under "Available Funds" reflects the amount of funds you have available for trading. Yes, once your new account is established, you can choose it from your list of accounts. All the relevant account information such as portfolio and transaction details will be displayed accordingly.

The "Buy" order will not be accepted if you do not have sufficient funds. Your orders have to be fully funded. The total value of your "Buy" order, including charges, will be earmarked in your Cash Trading Account at the point of order entry.

The balance reflected on Account Summary includes "Hold" amounts of your successfully executed orders. The balance reflected on Trade Now excludes the "Hold" amounts. Please note that Cash Trading Account balance reflected on Account Summary is based on balance at the point of login. This balance does not reflect orders executed during the login session.

The balances reflected on Account Summary will be updated on your next login. The security balance reflected on the Account Summary and Portfolio page differs as Portfolio figures are computed based on real-time pricing. Receivables are sales proceeds from your successfully executed "Sell" orders. You can use receivables to fund your "Buy" orders.

The Receivables amount will be credited into your Cash Trading Account after 9. Custodian fees apply to the stockholdings in your account s. It is charged semi-annually on 30 June for the period of January to June, and 31 December for the period of July to December.

The fees apply at a rate of 0. The tax will be imposed on dividend payments and the custodian will perform the withholding automatically. This means, dividend payments are always net of tax when credited to your brokerage account with Citibank. Customers do not need to perform any tax reporting on U. This only applies to U. The federal agency created by the Securities Exchange Act of to administer that opening forex account singapore and the Securities Act of The statues administered by the SEC are designed to promote full public disclosure and protect the investing public against fraudulent and manipulative practices in the securities opening forex account singapore.

Generally, most issues of securities offered interstate commerce or through the mails must be registered with the SEC. The Securities and Futures Act, Chapter of Singapore the " SFA " opening forex account singapore it an offence to engage in certain prohibited conduct in relation to securities.

The prohibited conduct extends to acts within or outside Singapore, as well as acts in relation to securities listed in Singapore or elsewhere. You must familiarise yourself with the opening forex account singapore provisions of opening forex account singapore SFA as amended from time to time and ensure that you do not engage in such prohibited conduct when trading through Citibank Brokerage. The prohibited conduct are: A wash sale could create such a false or misleading appearance of active trading or with respect to the price of securities.

A "wash sale" could involve a person entering multiple orders for the purchase or sale of the same securities, where his purchase order could be matched with his sale order. Another form of false trading could involve 2 customers arranging to enter purchase and sale orders which could be matched with one another on the market; securities market manipulation 2: Engaging in such prohibited conduct may result in you being convicted of a criminal offence, being subject to a civil penalty or being subject to civil liability.

The above does not constitute legal advice. If in doubt, you must consult your own independent legal adviser. You can place trading orders almost 24 hours a day Except during the daily maintenance period, between 5. Orders placed after market closure will be placed on queue on a first come first serve basis for next trading day. You may place orders opening forex account singapore Citibank Brokerage 24 hours a day, except during the period between 5.

Orders placed after the U. You may place orders with Brokerage Officers from 8. Orders placed after the Hong Kong market close will be placed in a queue on a first come first serve basis for the next trading day.

With effect from 1 Augusttrading sessions are held daily from Mondays to Fridays between 9. There is no trading on Singapore public holidays. For more information, please visit www. Citibank Opening forex account singapore Limited will take your opening forex account singapore for transmission opening forex account singapore such brokerage firms.

Before a "Buy" order can be accepted, Citibank Brokerage will check your Cash Trading Account for sufficient funds and earmark the full amount for settlement. Before a "Sell" order can be accepted, your securities account is checked for sufficient sellable stock quantity.

You can use "Stock Symbol Guide" to search stock quotes by entering company name with the help of "Containing" and "Starting With" functions. For Buy Orders, you can only place limit orders The highest price you are willing to buy across all markets. Opening forex account singapore Sell Orders, you can place limit orders The lowest price you are willing to sell and stop loss limit orders across all markets.

Market Order is available for U. Market sell orders only. When a Market Order for a "Sell" order is placed, the order will be partially or fully filled at the prevailing bid price. The execution price may not be the same as the last traded price opening forex account singapore stock prices are volatile and it may have moved upon execution. For "Sell" order, the "Limit price" which you indicate will be the lowest price opening forex account singapore want to sell your securities.

As for "Buy" order, it will be the highest price you want to buy opening forex account singapore securities. Opening forex account singapore the last traded price is used to determine if the Stop Loss Price has been triggered, the opening price of the continuous trading session may be adopted for the earliest triggering of a stop loss order placed opening forex account singapore the relevant trading day.

Once the order is triggered at the Stop Loss Price on any trading day, the sale instruction will be carried out at or above the Lowest Selling Price in the same way as a normal order except that any unfilled order in whole or in part will lapse at the end of the same trading day and will not opening forex account singapore carried forward to the following trading day. Therefore, even if the Stop Loss price has been triggered, the stop loss order may not be executed in whole or in part. Your "Good for the day" order expires at the end of the trading day.

Remember opening forex account singapore check your order status at the end of the trading day. If you would like to continue with a lapsed order on the next trading day, please submit a new order.

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Why wasted your money on expensive course trading manually when nowadays there are forex software that can help you to trade automatically? FOREX is leveraged trading very risky. But I know some people managed to make a living trading forex. I learned for free here.

Don't sign up right away. Just go to the education part and do all 32 lessons first. Other technical knowledges like Elliot Waves, fibonacci calculations are advantages to your trends positions. Plotting charts manually are also an add-on knowledge as you can have the feels of the market's sentiment. Well, in the early 90s, there are hardly any charting providers. Now, you have many charting providers to choose from, hence saving your precious time plotting charts.

Knowing the technical aspects are only half a battle won. As most currencies are against the US Greenback, hence the US economic indicators comes into picture. The Fundamental Indicators - and alot of them approx The FOMC meetings deciding the interest rates and bias are top in the list of market movers. Your strategy trading plans on entry points, cutting losses with lots of self-discipline. Probably using dervatives futures to hedge positions.

FX trading are not for everyone. Definitely harder for investors will small capital outlay. The above statements are my personal views. I had worked in the banking industry for abt 12yrs.

Good luck to those trading.. Not many traders come close to George Soros.. A quality website by Jeyel since Signup Login 09 Apr, Where to learn to trade??

Please Login or Signup to reply. But most traders lose money only a few managed to earn money. Originally posted by M the name:. Originally posted by Asromanista Originally posted by Robots will never work Originally posted by Vitto Pleasant weekends to all.

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