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Opteck is a brokerage firm that started its operations in ; founded by a group of passionate financial experts who are well versed in the financial global market landscape, this firm has quickly climbed the ranks to become one of the most reliable brokers. Navigation is quick with the various colored tabs. Trade opteck review broker analysis by binary rankings and analysis tools are all available at the click of a button. Time is of the essence when you are trading, as you do not want to miss a great opportunity to profit; therefore, a straightforward, clear, and highly technological platform is essential and exactly what Opteck provides.

Opteck strives for innovation, which shows in its customer acquisition numbers. Its customer base is loyal; traders know they can count on this broker to offer them the latest in tools and strategies in order to make the most out of their trading experience. Opteck offers four different opteck review broker analysis by binary rankings instruments: These are great opteck review broker analysis by binary rankings beginners as they are easy to understand; if you require additional assistance, Opteck provides all the necessary material to further your knowledge about the various types of trades.

For traders who enjoy the thrill of quick trades and the possibility of quick returns, the On Demand trading instrument is of particular interest; you can select an expiry that ranges from 60 seconds up to an hour so you do not have to opteck review broker analysis by binary rankings long to reap the benefits.

Security is an issue Opteck takes very seriously. There is an extensive library of tools available to all traders who sign up. From eBooks, live webinars, videos, one on one trading support, and many articles on various subjects, traders will feel like they are in good hands.

Opteck plays a major role in accompanying traders on their journey to success. Often times, traders must rely on outside sources for fundamental and technical analysis tools and information but this is not the case with Opteck as you will have everything you need to get started opteck review broker analysis by binary rankings the Academy. One point worth mentioning pertains to the group of traders who can appreciate these resources the most; while there is some information for novices and advanced traders, we believe newcomers will benefit the most overall.

This is not to say that advanced traders cannot find valuable information but since all the basic trading training is so detailed, it may be more appropriate for beginners.

Customer service is an area where many traders felt the company was lacking but this has changed in the past few months where a big effort was made to improve on customer relations. As such, since many complaints were targeting the withdrawal process specifically, wait times have largely improved. Opteck also decided to create a complaints line where traders with an issue have a direct contact point where they can report their concerns.

This has been opteck review broker analysis by binary rankings among the trading community as many traders note how dedicated the company appears to be for resolving pressing issues. For traders with general questions and concerns, Opteck offers a customer support service available via live chat, phone, or email. If you do not have access to a local number, your second best option is to speak with a knowledgeable representative through chat.

Your concern should get resolved promptly or you will be referred to someone who can assist you. Lastly, email is also an option but note that wait times may be longer for these queries. Support staff is available in various languages to serve the needs of a diverse community of traders. It may not be the largest broker in the industry but it has certainly carved an important place among the best.

This firm is a breath of fresh air for new traders who may already feel overwhelmed by the knowledge that needs to be acquired in order to become a successful trader. At Opteck, it will not feel like work; with the extensive support provided, you will be able to enjoy learning about trading and will find yourself wanting to push the envelope further as you get more comfortable with basic trading instruments.

What Are Binary Options? Welcome to the WhatAreBinaryOptions. Operates a proprietary platform that rivals any major platform brand in the industry.

Generous welcome bonus offers where traders can earn anywhere between 25 and percent of their initial investment. Demo account available to anyone who registers. In-depth live webinars about trading psychology, market analysis, risk management, and more. Trades available directly from charts.

Aggressive marketing campaigns, which traders feel fail to portray the industry and risks involved in an accurate way. Some complaints related to the lengthy withdrawal process — this appears to be improving in recent months. Home Contact Us Privacy Policy. What Is A Binary Option?

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Succeeding in binary options necessitates unparalleled technical and fundamental analysis prowess which is sometimes an uphill task for beginners. Today we will be doing a review on OptionRobot. If you have a comment or previous experience with the OptionRobot trading system, feel free to tell us in the comment section. As usual, we will be providing all the information you need to make an informed decision. Our review on OptionRobot will include an overview of how it works, cost, linked brokerage firms, available indicators for technical analysis, integrated strategies and success rate of the trading system.

With over a year on its existence calendar, OptionRobot has stood the test of time and currently ranks among the best trading software in the financial world.

Well, OptionRobot is an auto trading service where traders are at liberty to either opt for full automation or semi-automation depending on individual needs and preferences.

Unlike most trading systems, OptionRobot is completely available online and can be accessed seamlessly on a browser. To use the trading system, it goes without saying that you will require a trading account from one of the supported brokers and have at least the minimum trading balance as stipulated by the broker in question.

Apart from that, you are good to go! The trading system is configured via the setting tab and since it is browser —based, it requires a stable internet connection. In a nutshell, you only need a working internet connection, starting capital and a working internet connection.

Although nothing comes for free in this world, OptionRobot comes at zero costs. Well, you heard it! There are no hidden charges. As mentioned earlier, you only need a trading account with some balance and you can hit the ground running. Costs that you may inquire are broker-related and they are highly unlikely.

For ten trades, you are more likely to lose not more than three. However, it all depends on the strategy and indicator chosen in the settings tab. Choosing a broker is always the most important decision you have to make before getting your feet wet in the financial arena. Interestingly, although OptionRobot does not support all the available brokers, a trader can choose between different brokerage brands. It is important to note that brokerage platform chosen dictates most of the trading terms including the availability of expiry durations, payout rates, and the minimum trading balance.

BDSwiss is a premium brokerage outfit offering a trade on the reputable second generation SpotOption trading platform.

OptionRobot can be used on the BDSwiss platform to trade 30 second, 60 seconds, 2 and 5-minute expiry durations. Options available for auto-trade include Ladder, pairs and One Touch options.

FM Trader is a binary options broker established in which also offers tradeon the 2 nd generation SpotOption trading platform. Available expiry durations for auto-trade include 60 sec, 90 sec, 2 min, 3 min and 5 min. Trading signals generated by OptionRobot solely rely on several indicators.

Well, you can choose to leave all the indicators running or you can decide to only rely on one or two. As a matter of fact, some of the indicators are exact mirrors of each other with the only difference being the names. Trend -This indicator scouts for prime trading opportunities by analyzing the overall market trend.

Basically, an uptrend is likely to generate a Call signal whereas a downtrend is likely to generate a Put Signal. The day moving average is usually subtracted from the day moving average to generate a trading signal. This indicator operates on the notion that traders tend to buy an asset when prices are low and sell when prices get too high. Simply put, it generates trading signals in relation to prevailing price resistance and support levels of the underlying asset.

Williams -The Williams indicator is a simpler version of the relative strength index. It is especially useful to traders who prefer trading short positions. Commodity Channel Index -CCI indicator determines trades by comparing prevailing market conditions with a pre-set average which is used to determine the dominant trend. This is the most secure strategy available on OptionRobot and if used optimally, you are definitely going to reap big from auto-trading.

This strategy is more like the trend strategy with trades evenly spaced. When using OptionRobot you can set the trading system to use the martingale strategy exclusively. Martingale strategy is the perfect tool if you are after fast profits but at the same time, it comes with a sizeable amount of risks. Interestingly, each available forex pair has its own unique martingale sequence. Suitable for short positions, the Fibonacci strategy has a superior mathematical edge which makes it very accurate.

If you have enough funds in your trading account, you can use this strategy to automatically resize your underlying investment depending on the win-loss sequence.

From our experience during the trial period, we can conclude that the trading system is legit and not a scam. Mind you, we used two platforms 24Option and BDSwiss to test the authenticity of OptionRobot and we are glad it worked out.

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