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Download up to 10 books to read or listen to on your computer or mobile device for 1, 2 or 3 weeks. Download up to 10 eBooks and 10 eAudio books for a 2 week loan period. David Bransonartist, theatre director, actor, musician, was optionen handel rainer heimann in Melbourne, Victoria.

He came to Canberra in with his family where he grew up and was educated. He was a member of Canberra Youth Theatre whilst still at school where his love of the theatre was developed and fostered. He studied drama at Rusden optionen handel rainer heimann at Victorian College of the Arts. Branson acted throughout Australia in Melbourne, Sydney andCanberra, performing with many theatre companies optionen handel rainer heimann for the Australian National Playwrights Conference several times.

Some of his directing highlights include: Branson also optionen handel rainer heimann the violin, originally classically trained and playing with the Canberra Youth Orchestra optionen handel rainer heimann many years and travelling overseas with them in He played with many musical groups and bands notably in the Canberra band Mikelangelo and the Black Sea Gentlemen whose debut self-titled album was released after his tragic death in Swadling arranged it into the major series listed from a highly disorganised personal collection.

He could discern no useful original order to most of the material. On arrival at ACT Heritage Library the material was reboxed and a quantity of unsorted material which arrived at the optionen handel rainer heimann time received a preliminary arrangement and description with some recommendations for further archival work.

It is an ongoing process. Scripts Scripts kept by David Branson, often with annotation, but not necessarily used in performance. Production Notes Files for productions in which David Branson was involved. At the request of the family, this series is restricted. Audiovisual materials Audio and video recordings in a variety of formats.

Includes private work and optionen handel rainer heimann as well as Splinters materials. The Agony of Love: Original handwritten Short; incl. Photocopy of published script.

Cross Purpose — Samuel Beckett, author? Faust- the Heat of Knowledge — Author? Fox and Zero — Author? Enclosed in envelope with notes for David Branson.

Outdoors, near Lake Burley Griffin. October ; includes letter to D. The Little Match Girl — Author? Macbeth Shortened Version — William Shakespeare. Translated by Gigi Gatti and Terry Doyle. No Coffee, No Apple Pie: Play Dough Format — Author? Translated by Ralph Manheim. Translated by Joseph Farrell. Waking Up — Author? Alice Canberra Youth Theatre, July Program; notes on running order. Branson and Simone Penkethman. Hay, Deniliquin, Wagga, Bathurst. Includes stage directions and copies of administrative faxes including 1 to Gavin Findlay.

Hosted by Simone Penkethman. File includes press release, reviews and photos. Performed at Street Theatre. Directed by Joe Woodward. File includes fliers; reviews; marked scripts. Performed at Carlton Courthouse. File includes press release; performance dates; pencil-marked script; rehearsal schedule and production credits. Files include running order; flier; press release; administrative letter to David Branson from venue optionen handel rainer heimann. File includes reviews; press release; photos; stage directions; application for funding a tour of the show projected for File includes project budget; script excerpts.

File includes administrative letter to Gavin Findlay of Splinters; Heazlewood bio and press release; contract between Heazlewood and Splinters theatre company April File includes grant application to Australia Council. Production by 3 rd and 4 th year students. Circus Maximus Splinters production in Greek amphitheatre style.

Three one-act operas 2 Stravinsky, 1Rossini. File includes heavily marked copies of running order; optionen handel rainer heimann release; text excerpts. Includes reviews and fliers. Includes poster, program, marked copy of script DB?

Cut Out Pivot Theatre Company. Contains career-profile for director, Rebecca Headlam. File includes project outline; administrative letter.

Gorman House Arts Centre. File includes poster; photos; administrative letters; project outline. Ralph Wilson theatre, Gorman House. Includes flier; program; letter to David Branson from Pollard and Spence. Includes fliers and workshop notes. Fire and Meat La Mama optionen handel rainer heimann. File includes program and reviews. Filthy Lucre 2 photos of outdoor musical performance, featuring D.

Flowers of Gold Splinters at the Old Kingston bus depots. Includes project proposal, administrative letters, grant acquittal, reviews. File includes letter to D. Branson from Joy Warren. Gumboot Full of Blood Splinters production. File includes contract for hire of theatre; season program; production abstract; 2 copies of play — one typed, one handwritten.

Holocaust No apparent production company or location of performance. Includes Splinters publicity-sheet; reviews; budget; company report; handwritten text excerpts; administrative letters optionen handel rainer heimann invitation to the production from D. Branson — addressee blank. Branson, for the National Multicultural Festival. In Its Infancy Splinters funding application under D. Branson as individual applicant. Includes fliers; heavily-marked scrapbook of production notes and script excerpts.

Springbank Island, File includes grant application, budget, set designs, hand-written production abstracts. File consists of newspaper reviews 2 ; program. File consists of newspaper reviews 3. Klub Kabarett Various performers; Street Theatre. File consists of a single review Canberra City News. Art Theory Workshop; semester 2, File consists of brief abstract. File includes contract between the two companies; budget and logistics; Splinters company optionen handel rainer heimann including member-bios.

File includes program; reviews; heavily-marked script in scrap-book and complimentary ticket issue. Consists of poems and sketches, on photocopied white and blue A4-sized optionen handel rainer heimann. Double-bill directed by D. File includes reviews; photos; fliers; rehearsal schedule; script excerpts. Includes stage program; review; notes.

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